Puyallup Rep. Chris Gildon to serve as lead Republican on Housing, Community Development and Veterans Committee

Rep. Chris Gildon, R-Puyallup, was recently appointed by Washington House Republican leadership to serve as the ranking Republican on the House Housing, Community Development and Veterans Committee. Gildon will temporarily replace the current ranking member, Rep. Bill Jenkin, as he recovers from surgery.

“I’m honored to accept this new challenge and will continue working on a number of issues that greatly impact the 25th Legislative District,” said Gildon. “Homelessness is one issue vexing many communities throughout our state. We must find ways to address the underlying problems instead of passing policies that only treat the symptoms. I look forward to working on this and many other policy areas in the weeks ahead.”

“I also want to wish Bill a full and speedy recovery,” he added.

The House Housing, Community Development and Veterans Committee considers issues relating to housing, including accessibility and affordability, homelessness, state assistance to low-income housing, housing authorities and the Housing Finance Commission. The committee also considers issues relating to community development, community investment programs, underrepresented communities, veterans and military affairs, parks and recreation, and emergency management preparedness and response.

More information about the committee, including a member roster and meeting agendas, can be found here.

The 2019 legislative session began Jan. 14 and is scheduled to run 105 consecutive days.


Washington State House Republican Communications